Paw (pawmerry) wrote in vgmforever,

In Mordor....

Sauron: Am sooo taking a Midol after that happening party.

Random Orc: Darn this happening party sure left a big mess for us hottie orcs. Time to clean!

Legolas: Dude i am soooo much hotter and i have the ability to clean soooo much better.

Sartre (random philospher): Human existence is nothingness. *jumps into the cracks of doom*

Harry: Hmmmmm.....

Paw S.: Dont be getting any ideas on killin' yerself before the seventh book boy!

Random lava chunk: i am sooooo unbelieveblelly hot.

Random rock: I am sooo cool.

Sauron: Hey guys the party is over.

Ron: Naw man i still got some rocking in me! Gonna party till the cows come home!

Paw G: Well my cow is already home.

Paw S: Yup i reckon all the cows are already home.

Ron: Oh. Hey how about dancing to Britney Spear's new album!

Harry: Can i throw him in the lava pit?

JKR: No i still need him for the story which i will not reveal but will hint at just to annoy the fans.

Paw S: Can you write in me with the Wesley Twins and a broom closet? They got purty.

JKR: No.

Shifty Character: I like Luna. Can we have a snogging scene in your book?

JKR: Wha?

Shifty Character: Nevermind. It shall be only a dream of mine. *sigh* Meanwhile.
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