Elentari (elvenelentari) wrote in vgmforever,

Shifty Character: Meanwhile, back at Hogwarts...

Voldie: *wails* Why'd he have to do it??! Poor Dumbly, gone forever and ever! Oh how I hate that Snape!

Random Mammoth Tusk: There, there Voldie. It's not so bad...you've got to keep your mind focused on getting to Mordor!

Voldie: Yeah...about that...well it might be awhile really, now I've got my Death Eater homies back and such.

Lucius Malfoy: Muggles to kill, wizards to torture! No time, no time at all! Must be going, you see! *hurries away*

Voldie: *Looks on fondly* Well he does love his job! Not the best job security, you know. Just the other day he threatened to go to the Muggle police if I didn't give him a pension plan! Well, such is the competitive workplace nowadays.

Abraxas Malfoy (Malfoy's grandfather): Why, sonny, back in my day there was no such thing! You killed for the love of the job! All this nonsense...Grindelwald would have heard none of it!

Voldie: Ah, but he's not around anymore! Ought to have taken a leaf from my book!

Random Uruk-Hai: Hmm, maybe we should talk to Saruman...I'd like a two-week paid vacation and a break for every 5 hours' pillaging, every 3 hours' cutting down trees.

Arnold (Ginny's Pygmy Puff): Aye! I hear you brother!

Uruk-Hai: Who in tarnation are you?

Arnold: I might say the same about you!

Uruk-Hai: *sidles away*

Grond: What up?

Arnold: Oh nothing. Just having a cup of tea with Voldie here and reminiscing about the good ol' days.

Grond: Oh. Well, what about going to Mordor and all that?

Arnold: Well you see, it's been put on hold at the moment, as Voldie is taking some time off to wage war against the rest of Wizardkind and the Muggles.

Grond: I see. Well, tell him I send my regards.

Ron: Fo shizzle ma nizzle, yo.

Hermione: Ronald, please! It does not turn me on when you talk ghetto.

Ron: Yo milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Harry: I know it does.

Random Pencil: Why on earth is that random purple puffy thing getting all the attention?! *jealous look*

Arnold: YOUR MOM is getting all the attention.

Random Pencil: Bring it, biatch!!


Voldie: *squeals, falls off chair*

Mad-Eye: Sorry bout that. It just comes out every so often.

Random Pencil and Random Mammoth Tusk: *conspire* ...effing puffball...*conspire*

Shifty Character: Meanwhile...
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