Aprilly (angua27) wrote in vgmforever,

Rosie's Beginning to VGM: 2 Years Later

Paw G: Well gee golly, would ya look it that! Here we all are again, for more Voldie goes to Mordor! What's ya'll think?

Ron: It's gonna suck just like the last one.

Paw S: Hush up now, young man! *turns to Robin Clancy* *makes funny face*

Aprilly: I am the 4TH person to speak?! Dude what's up with this.

Random Pencil: I'll have you know that me and Random Mammoth Tusk now have our plan for world domination planned out, now we just have to execute it...say, Voldie, can i borrow them Death Eaters?

Voldie: Naw.

Random Pencil: Shucks.

Paw G: Now listen up everyone. Let's try and concentrate on the task at hand, getting Voldie to Mordor!

Everyone else: *blinks* *laughs*

Shifty Character: Meanwhile...
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