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And now for my turn...

Voldie: I'm ooold and I have a cane. It's been so loooong...

Harry: Dude, it's been two years, you haven't aged that much.

Voldie: That's discriminating against the elderly that is.

Legolas: Hey, I'm like thousands of years old and you don't here me complaining. And my hair still looks as good as it did on day one.

Frodo: Sooo... What's been happening with everyone lately.

Sirius: Well, I died.

Boromir: Great! You can join the dead fantasy characters league which is now 10 million strong and counting. I'm the president.

Random Pencil: 10 million?

Boromir: Did you see all those orcs that got killed in Return of the King? We don't discriminate on age, race, or amount of homicidal mania (which is why my good old dad's here, of course). It's in our creed.

Ron: Remember the good old days, guys? When we went to Florida and stuff?

Random Pencil: Naw.

Ron: Me neither. I thought someone else could have remembered. You know, when this much time passes you start forgetting things.

Harry: It's been TWO YEARS people. Stop acting like it's been so long.

Voldie: I think you're in denial because of those grey hairs.

Harry: ARG!

Shifty Character: Meanwhile...
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