Paw (pawmerry) wrote in vgmforever,

Paw gets into the scots dialect generator again....

Voldie: ach, i cannae believe Sauron is still whinging 'bout losin' his bloody ring. He was talking bout getting a new one made but then i says Away an bile yer heid ya numpty,ye dinnae ken whit yer talkin aboot nobody wants ta make a cheap arse ring for a bloody flaming eye with no fingers. And then he goes an has himself a cry the sissy.

Paw: Have you been drinking Voldie?

Voldie: Nae. I had only a wee dram of ale for st. patricks day after i gae some boy ma best Glesca Kiss. He ran home to his maw holding his heid. I dinnae hit him that hard.

Harry: Was that before or after you started to sing "Like a Virgin" on the table wearing a pink boa.

Voldie: After. The wee boy was making fun of me so i said your gettin yir face panned in.

Paw: I reckon yer still drunk from st. patricks day...

Voldie: blah!
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